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Chapter 13 Cover
Posted May 27, 2021 at 12:00 am

Here we are at Chapter 13!  A Jerome focused chapter, I hope you guys will enjoy this chapter just as much as I had fun drawing it. Despite how people may feel about Jerome, but while Booker is my absolute number one favourite... Jerome is a close second! Simply because I love characters who are calm & collected but also kind of evil.

A little insight onto the development of my chapters, I typically plan the story several chapters ahead and go over it in my head many times before I settle on what I want. Some of the story decisions I make are very impromptu but this plot point is one of the few where I thought it out a bit more thoroughly.

So while it may seem like I am updating this as I go, I am trying to make sure I have at least a full chapter done & edited before I schedule it & have some time to take a break between chapters.

I hope you enjoyed that little behind-the-scenes bit, I don't know if it's enjoyable for you to read such things but I just thought it would be a little more interesting for you guys to know since you're deep into the story at this point haha.