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Chapter 14
Posted August 12, 2021 at 12:00 am

Chapter 14 is here! I really worked hard to get this chapter done.

With this chapter, I tried my best to make it look as good and colourful as possible! It will focus back to the main trio! I actually realized I wrote things too complicated so this chapter will attempt to make things a little simpler for how magic 'works' in the MH universe.

I'm not very good at writing magic systems and Magical How? is honestly my first time with having to write and think about it. When I started MH, I never really paid much mind and was just doing what I like but as time went on I started to really consider what I wanted to do, only to come to the conclusion that it might get too confusing and convoluted!

I hope readers can forgive me for trying to do this, but I think it's better for my sanity and the story since it already focuses so much on the characters. I hope you'll enjoy this chapter just as much as you've enjoyed the other chapters.

One thing I also hope is that all of you are enjoying the story that has gone on so far, it may not be for those who are easily uncomfortable by the darker turns that the story has taken but I enjoy writing these kinds of stories in with darker turns. Though that is not to say I don't enjoy the lighter parts of the story, I still do which I think this chapter very much reflects how I feel about having both elements together.

Please enjoy Chapter 14, and have fun!