Gabe Travolt

A very naive albino Half-Indian, Half-Italian. He shares a small apartment with Book and is a big fan of the colour pink. Even though he’s majoring in art at the same college as Book, he really loves rock music. When presented with the opportunity to become a Magical, he practically jumps for it. His leap-before-you-think decisions sometimes get him into trouble.

Booker Quinn Phillip

A big fan of English literature, loves the violin, and Gabe’s roommate. This young Swedish-Korean-Japanese British book lover is realistic and logical – and sometimes, yearns for to find someone who could love and understand him. Getting dragged in via one of Gabe’s rash decisions, he somehow winds up being dragged into magical shenanigans against his will and has no choice but to face old wounds from the past. 

Hal the Fairy

Not much is known about Hal except his love for human-brand cigars. Hal tends to be rather blunt in his easygoing attitude, his fairy form is a ‘white ball’ with arms. His human form is dashingly tall, dark, handsome and purple hair. Even though he came to the world with the intention of finding Magicals, he gets attached to Gabe and Booker.