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Chapter 12 - Page 24
Posted May 24, 2021 at 12:00 am

And now, the final page of Chapter 12!

I hope all of you enjoyed this chapter as I've worked really hard to try and move things along without letting the pacing be too slow. Since this comic releases page by page, it's not easy to convey whether scenes last long or short because how it's updated in comparison to when you read it all at once in a graphic novel.

For all of my readers, I'm very thankful you've given my comic a chance and have continued to read on. It makes me so happy the story that I want to write without restraint is well appreciated and in turn allows all of you to theorize and scream.

Other than that, whenever the characters have angst, something bad happens to them (especially Booker), and have feelings... A lot of you scream for it and it fuels me to do it more! In other words, HAHAHAHAHA GIVE ME YOUR TEARS!

In return for such amazing reactions... Here's a hint! The next chapter will focus on Jerome.